I would like to invite any and all retired and former commissioned members of the SLMPD of good moral character who left the Department in good standing to join the St. Louis Police Veterans’ Association (SLPVA).  Commissioned members include all ranks of police officers from officer to chief and turnkeys, prison guards, and chauffeurs.

All that’s necessary to join the SLPVA is to complete an application, pay the first year’s dues and application fee of $17 and return the application at our monthly meeting or by mail.  Monthly meetings are held at the SLPOA Hall, 3710 Hampton, 11:30 AM on the second Wednesday of each month except May and September when we enjoy a Cook Out at Lemay Park.  If returning the application by mail, use the address at the bottom of the application.  Applications can be downloaded as a PDF from a page on our website, SLPVA Application Form.


The PDF has a second page which is an authorization to deduct your future dues ($15) from your January pension check annually.  The dues deduction will begin with your second year of membership in the SLPVA so payment for the first year ($17) should accompany the application.  We encourage members to do the automatic dues deduction.  It saves the organization the time and trouble of mailing dues notices and and the member mailing a dues check to the SLPVA.  If, after authorizing automatic dues deduction you wish to stop the deduction, just contact the Pension Office or the SLPVA.  When your pension ceases, naturally the dues deduction will also end.  Dues deduction is available to all new members and to all current members who didn’t take advantage of it earlier.

Our monthly meetings and Cook Outs include a short business meeting including minutes of previous meeting, monthly treasurer’s report, president’s report, old and new business, sometimes a guest speaker, and attendance prizes.  After the meeting the 75 to 100 or more members present visit with each other and can enjoy lunch ($7.00) and continue to visit with old friends and working companions.


SLPVA members and non-members are welcome to visit our website WWW.SLPVA.COM (you are on a page of our site currently) where we post the latest information on the SLPVA and our most important benefits -- pension and health care for both the Under 65 retiree and the Post 65 retiree.

George Ratermann

SLPVA President

SLMPD Retired Officer Death Benefits and Contact List

1. Notify the SLMPD Command Post of the Retiree’s death at 314 444 5622.  The Command Post should contact Bureau 0f Community Policing, 314 444 5654, to have the retiree’s last assignment put out the death notification.   Tell the Command Post personnel that you want a death notification (if you do).  On weekends when some offices are closed the Command Post will have to do the Department death notification.  The Bureau of Community Policing has the primary responsibility for funeral details when requested by the family of a retiree..

2. The Benefits Section administers the SLMPD Death Benefit of $3,000, 314 444 5394.

3. The Police Retirement System should be notified at 314 241 0800.  Surviving spouse’s pension is 40% of the retiree’s final average compensation plus 15% for each dependent child up to 3.

4. The Police Funeral Association pays a member’s family a $4,000 death benefit.  Police Funeral Association can be contacted at 314 771 0923.

5. If Retiree participated and still has funds in the Deferred Compensation Plan, contact Great West Life & Annuity, 314 241 1334.

6. St Louis Police Leadership Organization pays a $500 death benefit for dues paying retired members and can be contacted at 314 353 2407.

Other Possible Offices or Persons to Contact

1.  If Retiree is a Social Security benefit recipient, report the death by telephone to Social Security, 800 772 1213.  There is a $255 death benefit and possibly a survivor pension.

2. If Retiree is receiving an ERS pension (City civilian, zoo, art museum, etc) contact ERS at 314 622 3560.

3. If Retiree receives a VA disability pension, contact VA at 800-827-1000.

4.  If Retiree is a federal civilian retiree contact OPM at 888 767 6738 or 724-794-2005 and select option 6.

5. Contact any other employer, firm, or union pension system that has been paying a benefit to the retiree.                                                                                                                                                                             

6. If Retiree is receiving retired pay from US military:

Step 1 - Notify the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Casualty Care Team at 1-800-321-1080.  Please have the retiree’s Social Security Number and the date of death when you call.

Upon notification, DFAS will begin to close out the pay account to prevent any overpayments.

Step 2 - Contact your financial institution and inform them of the death of the retiree.

Step 3 - Within 7-10 business days of reporting the death to DFAS, you should receive a condolence letter.

If the decedent was enrolled in the Survivor Benefit Plan or the Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan, you should also receive an Annuity Care Package for completion and return.

Step 4 - Complete the SF 1174 you received with your condolence letter and return with a copy of the retiree's Death Certificate that reflects cause of death to:

DFAS U.S. Military Retired Pay 
P.O. Box 7130 
London, KY  40742-7130 
Fax: 800-469-6559

If you need assistance completing your claim form please contact the DFAS call center at 800-321-1080.

Contact List: In addition to notifying DFAS, you should also notify the following agencies/departments as soon as possible:

 Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) at 800-538-9552.

 VA at 800-669-8477 for retirees enrolled in a VA-sponsored life insurance policy, such as National Service Life Insurance.

 Office of Servicemember's Group Life Insurance at 800-419-1473 for retirees enrolled in Veteran's Group Life Insurance.