2024 SLMPD Retiree Qualification Dates Announced

Subject: Retiree Qualification Dates

Retiree qualifications will begin February 10th, 2024. The next few months we will be working hard to get everyone qualified.

Retiree shoots will take place one Saturday out of every month. There will be four relays a day of 15 shooters each. Registration is first come first serve. You can register by sending DonNisha an email


or by phone at 314-444-5574
(Office hours are Monday -Friday 7:30am-4pm)
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These are strict guidelines that we will enforce, and everyone MUST follow; Only 15 shooters per relay. No one is allowed on the range until the prior relay is done and all the 15 shooters are cleared. You will be turned away if you are not on the list to shoot.

Please send DonNisha the following to schedule your shoot

The times are as follows; first relay 9am, second relay 10am, third relay 11am, and the fourth relay 1pm. Listed below are the 2024 dates for retiree shoots.

Range dates:

DonNisha Crawford, Armory Secretary

(314)444-5574, (314)444-5689